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Views are means to see what is happening in the application. Each view should be set up to represent some aspect of the operation, where related information is placed side by for comparison.

There are two different types of views in the Rio Prime.

  • Text views
  • Graphical views

Text Views

Text views are suitable when the data presented is not helpful to have as a graphical representation, but where a line-by-line representation is more appropriate. Text views load quicker in the browser, as the relatively large SVG files are not transferred.

Graphical Views

Graphical Views are more cumbersome to create, as it involves making drawings of the process and configuring the dynamic elements within it.

Rio Prime uses the Structured Vector Graphics (SVG) format, a specification by the World Wide Web Consortium (who also defines XML, HTML and many other common technologies used on the Internet and by browsers). SVG has many advantages, beyond being a widely accepted graphics format;

  • XML – allows for humans to inspect, and to a smaller degree modify, the graphics directly with a regular editor. It is not wise to edit SVG totally by hand.
  • Many editors, viewers and tools are available for SVG.
  • Co-exist with HTML. Thanks to XML namespaces, SVG documents can be inlined with HTML, a technique that Rio Prime leverages.
  • CSS version 3. It is possible to style the SVG graphic using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), just like all web pages are now styled and themed. This allows libraries of symbols to be created, which doesn’t have a Look-n-Feel theme, which is added or developed separately.
  • JavaScript. Thanks to HTML 5, JavaScript is now the only accepted wide-spread scripting technology for the browsers. JavaScript can modify the XML structure any way it wants, and such changes are automatically rendered by the web browser. Rio Prime leverages this technology to provide dynamic data within the graphical view.

Security Roles

  • viewer – Can see any view.
  • operator – Can modify values in any view.
  • programmer – Can modify the view content.