Web Sensor and Control Networks

We believe that monitoring and managing remote systems performance in real time should be secure, quick and easy. Bright Things offer simple products that form complex clusters of sensors and actuators, a ThingMesh if you will. Designed to scale from small home projects to networks of a billion sensors, ThingMesh systems are flexible enough to meet many needs.

Giving you Freedom to Innovate

Our hardware systems are capable of operating as standalone networks – but this is just the beginning. Bright Things Cloud Container solutions allow your ThingMesh to connect and respond to network and user driven events anywhere in the world in real time. Our Cloud suite of software containers offers network message transport, data warehousing and user application servers that can be deployed on any modern server machine running any OS.

Get out of Jail

Bright Things Cloud containers allow you to move your network services freely between hosts, internal or 3rd party. All major network hosting providers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Dell will host Bright Things containers allowing you to pick, mix and avoid getting locked in.